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How to Ace a Job Interview with Radical Preparation

Hiring managers:

  • Want to know about your skills, experience and education.
  • Want to know how these apply to the position.
  • Want to hear that you understand what the position is all about.
  • Want to know that you have done your research on the position, organization, industry
  • Want to hear about your results and accomplishments
  • Want to hear how you found solutions to problems in the past
  • Want to hear how you helped the organizations/work groups you have worked for
  • Want to hear examples of how you are a problem solver, or team player

A Competitive Process

  • There can be hundreds of applicants per position
  • Candidates will bring a wide variety of experience, skills, education and successes to the table
  • The hiring manager’s goal is to select the candidate that most meets his/her needs and is the best fit
  • This is a highly competitive process, where everyone must “bring” their best
  • Don’t be discouraged!

A Snapshot of Attributes

  • Think of the interview as a short sales presentation
  • You have a short time to demonstrate to the hiring manager how your attributes can be utilized to meet his/her position’s needs.
    • Skills
    • Experience
    • Success Traits
    • Fit
    • Prepare, prepare, prepare