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ASCM Colorado Virtual Professional Development Meeting
Wednesday, June 9th, 2021 at 6:30 pm (MDT)

TOPIC: Automation and Social Distancing
SPEAKER: Scott McKenzie
Location: Zoom Meeting (Registrants will receive a link before the meeting)
(6:30 Social Networking, 7:00 Meeting)

Is Automation Right For Your Org?
COVID 19 massively impacted operations as companies implemented social distancing measures for worker safety.
Join us as we study three companies that that were forced to change to deal with these challenges.

Scott McKenzie provides the analysis from an automation perspective of our supply chain management processes. RFgen had a unique perspective on how these organizations have successfully and unsuccessfully dealt with Covid19 leveraging or not leveraging automation. Scott will tie these challenges to supply chain automation.

During the past 23 years, Scott McKenzie’s career has encompassed a wide-range of roles including programmer, project manager, entrepreneur and sales executive in the supply chain industry. With this long tenure in the automation sector, Mr. McKenzie strives to leverage his experience and bring thought leadership to clients through a consultative approach. He is highly focused on solving customer problems through automation technology that provide a strong return on investment. Prior to joining RFgen, Mr. McKenzie held various sales positions at Xceliware, DSI Global, DataToolz and Avery Dennison.

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Why category management and data analytics are essential in the fight against supply chain waste

Wednesday, June 23, 2021
2:00 PM (ET), 11:00 AM (PT)
Complimentary Webinar – Register Today!

Please join: Fastenal and Occupational Health & Safety for this complimentary webinar
Procurement of essential supplies and safety products can be a complicated and difficult task. Wasted time, energy, and resources can cause headaches throughout a facility. By creating a category management plan, installing controls, and leveraging data, the modern EHS manager now has the tools and information at their disposal to create an efficient, transparent supply chain.

Topics covered will include:
* What is category management
* Why data is important
* What benefits an organization can expect
* Where manufacturers fit into the process
* Creating a plan for your facility

Evan Hardin – Fastenal Safety Sales Director
Evan Hardin joined Fastenal in 2006 after graduating from Ball State University. Starting as a safety sales specialist, he his assisted the growth of the safety program over the last 15 years and now manages a team of nearly 40 safety specialists in the United States. By using the tools of data analytics, category management, and project support, Evan and the safety team work directly with suppliers and EHS professionals to build safety program solutions that can be scaled enterprise wide.

SPONSORS: Fastenal

ASCM Twin Cities Virtual Networking and Fireside Chat Meeting

TOPIC: The Complexity and Evolution of Reverse Logistics

SPEAKER: Lisa Cotter

Founder/Principal of Nicollet Solutions

Tuesday, May 11th, 2021 at 5:30 pm (CDT)

Location: Zoom Meeting FREE

Online Registration Deadline: 12:00pm on Tuesday, 5/11/21 or until Sold Out!

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ASCM Colorado Virtual Professional Development Meeting

TOPIC: Building Collective Resilience for Global ICT Supply Chains


Wednesday, May 12th, 2021 at 6:30 pm (MDT)

Location: Zoom Meeting FREE

(6:30 Social Networking, 7:00 Meeting)

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Albuquerque Economic Development
Albuquerque Economic Development

Intel Announces New Mexico Investment

Intel announced it will invest $3.5 billion in its New Mexico operations to enable its advanced semiconductor packaging technology, Foveros.
These technologies play an important role in optimizing semiconductor memory, packaging and connectivity.